Yesterday was temporarily for the bear but today is once again for the bull run

This entry was posted on Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019 and is filed under Cashew.

Nobody can bring the kernel market down when the market is facing the ‘Diwali season scarcity’. That’s why the prices bounced back, bounced back in W240 & W320.

According to some trade sources, bearish rumor kings are trying a collapse in the in-shell raw cashew market. Their target for raw cashew is Rupees seventy to eighty for a kilo, that’s too for the 29% cutting outturn!

Bear failed miserably by choosing the wrong time. Diwali season is certainly not a lucky time for him. He may come back again with full vigor when the Tanzanian govt starts the yearly auction process.

(NEXT POST: Is the Premium brand W320 moving towards Rs1000/kilo/wholesale/during the peak demand/at least including GST?)

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