Tanzanian Raw Cashew Quality (2010-2011)

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Tanzanian raw cashew quality has improved in recent years because of the initiative taken by the Government Government agencies and farmers. All other African countries should learn from Tanzania. Quantity improvement can be achieved in the long term, only through quality improvement. So, they should take necessary steps on these basic requirements – (1) Raw cashew should be easy to crack and peel. (2) Should improve  raw cashew yield as well as Kernel yield from the raw cashew. (3) Should take care of  size, smell and taste. (4) Should completely change the seeds and trees which yield oily kernels. According to some trade experts, current kernel yield of the Tanzanian raw cashew is more than 25% and it is much better in terms of processing, color, size, smell and taste. Most probably, Tanzania has now surpassed Guinea Bissau in Africa, in terms of raw cashew quality

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