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With minor changes, we are once again bringing back our most popular article in view of the approaching Indian budget 2020-21 —-

  1. Economic boom of any country depends on its business, agriculture, industrial production and commercial activities. When these activities improve, only then the real development takes place. When the government imposes more and more rules, restrictions, inspections, raids and barriers on the trading activity, THE SYSTEM GIVES RISE TO more and more CORRUPTION. — A DISASTER CALLEDRECESSIONALSO FREELY ENTERS THAT COUNTRY.
  2. Whenever the trade and commerce flourishes, farmers of that country get better prices for their products.
  3. Only agriculture and commercial activities create most of the non- governmental job opportunities.
  4. Government itself is the highest beneficiary when it removes barriers to the trade. ‘Tax revenue of the govt proportionately increases with the increase in the trade turnover’.
  5. The very survival of the banking system depends on trade and commerce. Failure of these activities result in loan defaults & a pile-up of non-performing assets.

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