Raw Cashew Import Availability for the Remaining Months of 2012 (2)

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If the raw cashew availability is 400000-425000 Tons in the next four months and Vietnam imports 200000 Tons in this period, Indian processors can not look elsewhere for the supply shortage.

Brazil is not a raw cashew exporter and the Indian domestic raw cashew market is always unpredictable. Almost everybody in the Indian cashew industry knows the effects of the minimum rate fixed by the Goa Government in the 2012 season.

At present, there is no raw cashew shortage in India but the shortage is likely to arise in the Q1 of the New Calendar Year. Whenever the safety stock level is much below a required level, Indian New Crop market usually frustrates the industry.

Import availability in the Q1 of 2013 may be just around 100000 Tons Р ( Please read our article dated 20th August, 2012)

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