From Binh Phuoc-Kollam-Goa-Mangalore, The Future of Cashew is Moving towards North Eastern Region of India

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At present, the production cost up to tin filling is said to be below ₹12/kilo in Assam, Meghalaya, WestBengal, Eastern UP and Bihar. Per capita income in these states is only one-third of the average of Kerala, Goa and Karnataka!

Complete mechanization is still not an answer to this problem;
It needs extra investment, additional interest and more depreciation.
So after full mechanization, the approximate cost might come down from ₹30/kilo to ₹15/kilo/ in Goa-Mangalore ‘but with the burden of over investment’.

The labor cost of Binh Phuoc may surpass Goa-Mangalore in next two years.

Therefore cashew industry will move towards the labor-cheap region! i.e, ‘NORTHEAST OF INDIA’ just like water which always flows downwards. However, it will remain in India because of domestic consumption.

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