Looking for Joint Venture in 2017

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.email is launched but .mail is postponed indefinitely by ICANN. Our portfolio may be very small in the .email extension but seems to be the most powerful in the universe –

media.email for news and media use. Prestigious emails like media@media.email, news@media.email, market@media.email, alert@media.email, email@media.email, mail@media.email, world@media.email, press@media.email etc are now possible.

market.email – for the global stock market and also for email on every listed stock. Prestigious emails like market@market.email, news@market.email, stock@market.email. alert@market.email, world@market.email, mail@market.email, email@market.email, currency@market.email, index@market.email etc are now possible.

finance.email –for banking and financial matters. Prestigious emails like bank@finance.email, world@finance.email, news@finance.email, forex@finance.email, email@finance.email, mail@finance.email, account@finance.email, deposit@finance.email, loan@finance.email etc are now possible.

trade.email – for global trade and b2b activities. world@trade.email, all@trade.email, market@trade.email, news@trade.email, alert@trade.email, stock@trade.email, import@trade.email, export@trade.email, money@trade.email, mail@trade.email, email@trade.email, tax@trade.email, tariff@trade.email, law@trade.email etc are now possible.

call.email – for email on mobile number

currency.email – for the currency market.

bullion.email – for precious metals.

journey.email – for travel sites.

order.email – for shopping related services.

show.email – to mail show tickets.

atm.email – online may create its own ATM in future.

bazar.email – for the Indian commodity exchange.

bazaar.email – for the Indian stock exchange and also for email on every listed stock in India.

file.email – for large file transfers.

profile.email – for social networking.

—- However, we are not depending on any single tld extension. Our .com domain portfolio is complete and most perfect.





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