Indian Exporters should Learn to Live Without Exports

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Indian domestic price for W320 is ₹8100 – ₹8200/10 kg/ including GST/Goa-Mangalore but exporters get only ₹7600/including tax, interest and other benefits for the same quantity.

Small-scale processors have enough local buyers but Large-scale is still depending on the global demand in the white wholes category.

In the pieces group, Indians get 15 – 20 percent more when they sell in the domestic market. This is the difference between India and Vietnam.

If the loss is around 7% in the export of white wholes like W320, W240 etc, why this kind of export? 

– Problems of High denomination currency ban is over. GST has become simple and profitable. Online retailers and corporate retailers are emerging as bulk buyers.

– Business strategy needs some changes when the change is the need.







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