Indian Cashew Kernel Consumption (August 2012 : 22000-25000 Tons?)

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In our last article, we tried to give some insights about the Indian cashew kernel consumption –

Average monthly consumption (with some wide differences for February, march, April, May etc) : 8000 Tons. ‘So the figure for August 2012, is almost same’.

+Ramadan related consumption : 8000-9000 Tons. ‘Major part of this consumption will be in August’.

+Diwali related  purchases : 30000 Tons. This year’s Diwali festival will be celebrated from 12th November to 14th November, 2012. So the Indian food industry and other wholesalers may purchase around 8000-10000 Tons in the month of August.

Total requirements for August 2012 may be 22000-25000 Tons! What happens if the consumption falls much below this level? Who can supply cashew kernel if the demand crosses this level?

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