If Tanzania can Rise the Value of Cashew Trade Why can’t Vietnam? (1)

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When Tanzania announced a minimum selling price for raw cashew, global kernel market also began its northward journey. According to some trade sources, Indian exporters have no selling interest even if the offers from emerging markets are said to be around $4.25/Pound/W320.

North Indian buyers were asking only W320 and W240 grades during the last minutes of the Diwali sale. Immediately after Diwali, they decreased the price to ₹740+GST/Kilo/W320/Goa-Mangalore. But now they are ready to buy almost all grades on the basis of ₹780+GST/Kilo/W320.

— “This is not just a price rise. The value of the entire manufacturing sector is on a positive change”

— “Tanzania is responsible for the change”

— “Most enterprises will survive If Vinacas sets a minimum export price for the Tanzanian and Indonesian origin W320 around $5/Pound.”




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