Firm Trend in Cashew Kernel Despite Fiscal Year-end Problems

This entry was posted on Sunday, March 12th, 2017 and is filed under Cashew, Cashew Market, Cashew News, Cashew Prices.

Buyers entry in the Indian cashew kernel is slowly improving as raw cashew prices are still unworkable to the industry. W320 is moving around Rs.8750/including VAT/11.340 kilo/Goa-Mangalore/under immediate payment terms and around Rs.9000/same quantity/under April 2nd week payment terms.

Market is facing usual fiscal year-end problems.

This year, domestic raw cashew prices are almost equal in India and Vietnam. Another strange thing is the bank interest rate which is comparatively more competitive in Vietnam!

Filed Under: Cashew, Cashew Market, Cashew News, Cashew Prices