Export Market Nears Rs10000/W320/11.340 Kilo/Including All Subsidies & Benefits

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Large scale exporters get $5.10/pound/W320, which is equal to Rs8200 according to current exchange rate. If we add 9.36% import duty, it becomes Rs8967. Import duty is zero under Advance Authorization scheme.

VAT exemption or refund is 5-5.5%. 8967 + 5.5% = 9460.

Then there is a small subsidy on exports and also some kind of import entitlements. Tin packing is also not necessary for kernel exports. If we add 4% for all these benefits and 2% for the interest benefit, the final figure is 9460 + 6% = 10027.6!

However, only basic customs duty is to be calculated for imports from most favored nations.


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