Duty of ‘Bharat is to Enjoy Shining & Spread Shining’ (8)

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If the majority of India’s 60 crore farmers support any agitation, only that agitation is farmers’ agitation. Any protest started by some group leaders or politically motivated unions is only for their own individual interest but not for the entire farm community.

In India, it is easy to bring thousands of people for any movement because of the urban population. Agro imports are mostly from the poorest countries of Africa and Asia. If there is no APMC fee, APMC permit, APMC investigations etc on these imports why on the farm products grown on the Indian soil? Why the Indian farmer should become the final sufferer? Why his poverty line should fall even below the poverty line of the African farmer. Already more than 42% of the Indian population is under farm jobs but their GDP percentage is only 15%! ……..’So the Indian farmer wants reform and an end to anti-farmer Acts and movements ‘.

If the availability is just one market yard for 462 sq km while ideally there should be one every 5 sq km, the availability is just above 1% of the requirement. ……… Where is space for all the farmers in this 1%? is there parking space? where is the food? where to find toilets?

Who will bear the cost of bringing agro products, mostly a few hundred to few thousand Rupees worth to the APMC yard and then the return cost of the unsold portion? Sometimes, 5 to 40 km journey/transport. Money and time waste on entry, exit and road documents, official inspections…….. frustration after frustration!

What kind of democracy APMC Acts follow? Under some APMC Acts, even if there is an urgency – a village trader who is not a small retailer can not purchase from an agriculturist residing in his own locality; if a father wants to sell arecanuts to his own son, both of them should come to the market yard; if a wife wants to supply some timber to her husband’s mill, the place of business between them is the market yard! …….. No freedom to son of the soil in his own country! But foreigners have the right to sell, supply etc! Son of the soil is compelled to give the APMC fee, may be through the trader to whom he sells but foreigners need not pay any such levy! Son of the soil has to pass through official inspections, permits etc but foreigners have the benefit of ease of doing business.

Indian farmers are poor. Direct selling (without markets or traders) is not possible to most of them as 60 crore farmers cannot wander in the country in search of consumers. Reform after reform is the only answer.