Duty of ‘Bharat is to Enjoy Shining & Spread Shining’ (7)

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Indians have a duty towards their Devas (Deities). Every year they celebrate the ‘Vinayaka’ and other festivals.

Who is Vinayaka? Why Indians celebrate his birth or Avatar?

The meaning of the name ‘Vinayaka’ is — ‘seperated from leader’. This meaning ‘symbolizes or denotes a leaderless system’. He is son of God. Jesus Christ is also son of God. Christianity fully believes in God, but they are not followers of the only supreme leader in practice. They follow the ‘son of God’ theory!

Vinayaka is also ‘Ganapati’ — ‘ Lord of masses, groups, classes, people etc’ or ‘the mass is the real leader’. Jesus is also son of man! Here also importance is to the mass mind. — ‘This is the beginning of democracy’.

Vinayaka is remover of obstacles. Most probably, remover of obstacles coming from the leader or leadership! Such a theory should be worshiped first! Indians worship Vinayaka whenever they start a new work or a new enterprise. (Even some leaders try their best for the development of the country but their honest attempts completely fail when their steps become anti Shri or anti Vinayaka — Please read six other articles with the same heading ‘Duty of Bharat is to Enjoy Shining & Spread Shining’ in worldcashew.com)