Duty of ‘Bharat is to Enjoy Shining & Spread Shining’ (2)

This entry was posted on Wednesday, May 27th, 2020 and is filed under ECONOMIC, ECONOMY, RELIGIOUS, SOCIAL.

India i.e Bharat (Bhaarat) is a country of huge population. There is a proof that even during the ancient time, religion of the nation was supporting vyavahara, i.e self employment and job creation.

“A fierce demon had to survive for a long time because of this reason. His end time started when the self-employment flourished in the kingdom of the other party!”

Business opportunity and per capita income automatically improves when people increase spending. Especially, the Indian situation needs more & more spending because of the population & employment related issues.

India really shines during the Diwali consumption. Festivals like Ramadan and New-Year also support consumption.

Wedding season and celebrations create job opportunities in each and every locality in India. food growers- manufacturers and suppliers, vegetable and flower growers and suppliers, show & decorative item manufacturers and suppliers, gold and bullion business, cloth manufacturers and merchants, wedding halls, grocery stores, fashion stores, recipe & taste experts, purohits, photographers, electricians and beauticians, music and artistic show providers, hotels and restaurants, travel agents, cab and rikshaw service providers, commercial vehicles and bus service providers, petrol pumps, printing and courier service providers, even to the media persons- HAPPIEST TIME FOR ALL.

Even the government of India knows the benefit of the ‘KUMBHA MELA’ to the Indian economy!