Demand Reemerges In Each & Every Grade as the Delhi Summit Takes a Realistic View.

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Buying interest in Premium W240 is around ₹840+GST/KILO and in W320 it is ₹760+GST/KILO. Jumbo half is once again moving up to ₹780+GST/KILO and Jumbo pieces around ₹720+GST/KILO.

Mostly, cashew summits become a platform for bearish rumour mongers. Some kernel buyers only spread pessimistic views in all such large gatherings. Even sellers’ mentality might welcome bearish rumours during their raw cashew procurement season. FINALLY THE SUMMIT BECOMES A TRAP ON BOTH RAW CASHEW AND KERNEL SELLERS. 

— The Delhi meet from 13th-15th Feb, concluded with a new sense of optimism. WHEN EVER BUYERS AND SELLERS TAKE A REALISTIC VIEW, THE CONCLUSION IS NOT A BULL-BEAR FIGHT.

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