A Reader Replies To Our Article -“Guinea-Bissau Crop Size Is Above Average “

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According to press reports, This year Guinea-Bissau may export 90000-100000 tons of raw cashew nuts. Their crop season has not yet ended but they are very enthusiastic and optimistic about their crop size. At present, even after a poor harvest, there is no immediate  raw cashew shortage in India and Vietnam because of slow production during March, April and May. Only Brazilian processors are facing raw material shortage. But the trio have little to worry  as they have enough import contracts and the Ivory Coast situation  is also slowly but steadily returning to normal.                                                                            (This article was based on some press  reports but the given crop size figure seems to be incorrect. One of our esteemed regular reader has sent us a review mail which is as follows – )

I follow your information, regularly.
Crop Size / Exported Cashew at Weightbridge Port, as been above 120.000 Tons for over 4 years.
Last year was the Biggest it arrived at 140.000 Tons.
And these amounts are correct because they are Weightbridge at the Port.

Normal Crop is between 120.000 to 130.000 Tons.

If y do not trust this information, I will try and get y the Weightbridge Control document. Also it was 3 year ago; we knew that a Lot of Cashew had came in from Guinea Conary, and the numbers overpassed the 150 Tons, but that we do not consider, as we knew that it was Crop from Guinea Conakry.

Sorry and thanks

Best Regards

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