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Dear Readers,

This is the technical report of, World’s most visited and most trusted cashew information portal. We feel, we have made a significant  progress in the technical aspects of this site. By now, many of you know the special services of WorldCashew, still we would like to list some useful features that are available to all of our site users –

1) Mobile Website:- We have seen a huge growth of 330% (YoY) in cellphone WC readers.  So we launched cellphone version of WC, compatible with almost all mobile devices.

2) Cashew Related Videos:- Many of our users demanded Cashew and Cashew recipe related videos. So we created a automated links to watch YouTube videos directly in our partner site.

3) Exchange:- Since we have significant number of Indian, Vietnamese and American visitors, We decided to include exchange rates of Rupee, Dong and USD. These rates would be automatically updated every time user refreshes the page.

If you have technical difficulties with our site, please mail us at

We are happy to help you!

Thank You 🙂

MRNayak, Technical Lead at

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