Suggestion for July-August 2018 (1)

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North Indian buyers are showing more interest in the July-August supply contracts in W320 but they are now asking for immediate delivery of W240 & Higher Grades.

Despite rainy season, firm trend continues in pieces.

Vietnam is facing severe shortage of raw cashew on account of over-investment. Brazilian enterprises are struggling with the Forex market. Indian processors have costliest raw cashew in their warehouses but still the quantity is not adequate for the approaching Diwali consumption

This year’s 7.7% economic development can bring a miraculous change in the Indian kernel market but only with the support of the industry. Industry should stop over-production to increase the immediate demand and also to preserve the scarce raw material for the festive season. 

—— ” If the cost of production of W320 is 900/kilo/inclusive of GST but the selling price is only 800/kilo/inclusive of GST, who can survive with this much loss? Most probably, few holidays are the only remedy! “


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