Which is Better – Default from Kernel Exporters, Dgrade Mixed Kernels or A Reasonable Price for All ?

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If the per pound price of W320 is $5 and the exchange rate is ₹69.6/$, it becomes ₹348 in rupee terms. 1.e, ₹767/kilo. If we add 5% as export benefits, the final realization comes to ₹805/kilo/excluding GST.

Current Indian market is ₹800-810 kilo/excluding GST for the Indian, Benin and Tanzanian origin W320.

So the Indian local market for uniform size W320 works out to $5/lb and it may go above $5.5/lb during the Diwali boom period in September.

😪 😥 😰 Cheap W320 means SSW, RW and DW mix kernels. 😪 😥 😰






Filed Under: Cashew, Cashew Market, Cashew News, Cashew Prices