W320 falls to Rs700+GST/kilo/immediate but up to Rs720+GST/kilo/November 2nd week

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Holiday mood may continue till the month-end but the great winter demand for cashew is on its way. cashew is both the food and the medicine for the cold weather. Nowadays, winter is said to be the second-highest consumption period in India. Most probably, the Ramadan consumption has slipped to third place after the demonetization.

Wedding season is gaining momentum! Earlier, there was a ban in the Hindu calendar from 24th July to September 28, 2019………… ‘NOW FULL SPEED AFTER A LONG WAIT.’

Indian industry anticipates another Diwali like boom during the Christmas, New-year and the Makara Sankranti festivals. BUT WHERE IS QUALITY RAW CASHEW? ……. RAW CASHEW IS IN TANZANIA! …….

Tanzanian auctions may slowly start from October 30, 2019 but the quantity is not adequate! Kernel supply should match with the Olympics demand.

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