Splits and Pieces Explode but Wholes Steady

This entry was posted on Thursday, April 7th, 2016 and is filed under Cashew, Cashew Market, Cashew News, Cashew Prices.

There is no bulk availability in any size or grade in the pieces category. Premium Jumbo Half is trading above Rs7000/11.340 kilo/Inclusive of VAT/Goa-Mangalore. Even then there is no bulk buying in the W320 and W450 count wholes. Approaching holiday period in the Hindu wedding season is the real worry of the wholes market.

Current raw cashew price is totally disastrous on the Indian cashew Industry. The price difference between India and Vietnam is now more than 15%.

Processing cost is also cheaper in Vietnam. Even if $4.00/Pound/W320 FOB price becomes a reality, it will bring profits to the Vietnamese industry but not to the Indian cashew industry.






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