Rumour Driven Rally in Raw Cashew but Cautious Trend in Kernel

This entry was posted on Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018 and is filed under Cashew, Cashew Market, Cashew News, Cashew Prices.

Resellers of imported raw cashew are trying to sell the Tanzanian 51 LBs/80kilo/raw cashew around Rs165/kilo as ‘profit booking through the inventory sale’ has become the strategy of the market. The price increase is said to be more than 8% in just 10 days.

Indian calendars prohibit auspicious celebrations till Feb 4, 2018 and thereafter comes the exam period. March is the fiscal year-end month.

So kernel buyers think that the over-investment in the industry is the reason behind the inventory price rise. 

Because of over-investment, those who need raw cashew will have to follow the rumor-driven market but in the final end, only the fittest and calculative will survive.

Filed Under: Cashew, Cashew Market, Cashew News, Cashew Prices