Raw cashew surges in India as the price of premium W320 equals $4.80/Pound/June-July!

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Resellers of the imported raw nut are selling Beninese in shell cashews around ₹105+Tax/27.25% cutting outturn/Goa-Mangalore. But the workout price is said to be ₹90+Tax /kilo.

Forward demand for white grades is responsible for the situation. If the ‘Kumbha Mela’ could easily change the direction of the kernel market, what will happen during the Diwali festive months? What will happen when the Olympics related purchases begin?

Price for premium W320 works out to $4.80/Pound i.e, ₹740+GST/kilo/June-end to July-end. However, sellers expectation for the same is ₹800+GST/August-September! EVERYBODY NOW TALKS ABOUT DIWALI & OLYMPICS!

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