Raw Cashew Import Availability for the Remaining Months of 2012

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Current west African raw cashew stocks might be much above one lakh Tons but the actual unsold exportable quantity is said to be 80000-100000 Tons.

Approaching Indonesian harvest may be around 60000-80000 Tons.

East African (Tanzania and Mozambique together)  exports may not cross 200000 Tons in the fourth  quarter of 2012 and 100000 Tons in the first quarter of the 2013. This year, Mozambique farmers may not go to border regions to sell their raw cashews to Tanzanian traders.

Brazil is not a raw cashew exporter but there are now many emerging nations in the field. So the global raw cashew import availability for the remaining months of the year 2012,  according to our estimate,  is around 400000-425000 Tons.

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