Psychological Bearish Mentality: Only Processors will Suffer Losses (2)

This entry was posted on Monday, March 19th, 2012 and is filed under Cashew.

Joke of the Week :Kernel buyers attendance has started to exceed employees attendance in almost all small-scale factories in India.

This may be a big joke! But buyers are taking the advantage of the psychological bearish mentality in the cashew kernel, which is quite usual during the Indian raw cashew season. At present, processors are suffering unnecessary heavy losses, but to all kernel speculators – ‘this situation is nothing but a chance to grab’. If some processors want bearish kernel market during their raw cashew procurement season, it is their mistake. Current difference between the processors selling price and the retail sale price is said to be Rs1000/Tin/25Lbs, in W320 and higher grades.

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