Looking for Joint Venture in 2017 (2)

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A descriptive .com domain name is said to be a globalized real estate asset. It can be sold from India to any foreign country or from any country to India. It is said to be a kind of asset which is not harmed even by earth quakes or floods.

We think that our “.com with .in” realm is greatest for the Indian online despite it is too small in size. Only a dream can build such a portfolio in future but dream is not in anybody’s control – – –

1) riyayti.com (riyayti.in) for online shopping with mart.world

Single domain is enough for an online shopping portal but future may require more. So chaheta.com (chaheta.in) for Mens  apparel. chaheti.com (chaheti.in) for women. chahete.com (chahete.in) for children. akhyan.com (akhyan.in) for books, DVDs and softwares. sakriy.com (sakriy.in) for health, fitness and sports items. sajav.com (sajav.in) for electronics, furniture, home and gardening. autoyug.com (autoyug.in) can be used as a vehicle agency (vehicle.agency)

2) ayojan.com (ayojan.in) for the travel portal with trip.world and fare.world

A travel portal needs extra support for rail tickets, bus tickets, room booking and cab booking. Therefore susajjit.com (susajjit.in) with room.world and room.cab for hotel booking. sajjit.com (sajjit.in) with vehicle.cab for goods vehicles. khachit.com (khachit.in) with rail.cab for rail booking. shighr.com (shighr.in) with bus.cab for bus tickets.

kshipr.com (kshipr.in) with auto.cab and tour.cab for cab booking. Both auto.cab and tour.cab are to be used under the kshipr.com infrastructure for massive crowd-pulling.

3) khadya.com (khadya.in) for restaurant booking with meal.world

4) lagav.com (lagav.in) for local shopping with choice.world; (lagav = fondness or emotional attachment); also upyogi.com (upyogi.in) for home supply, office supply and building material supply.

5) upyog.com (upyog.in) for the sale of used goods with market of.com; also reyug.com (reyug.in) for scrap items.

6) bhavy.com (bhavy.in)) for hall and event booking with hall.world

7) chihn.com (chihn.in) as mobile messenger with first.today; also lekhan.com (lekhan.in) for top class writings, vijnan.com (vijnan.in) for scientific matters and dilchasp.com (dilchasp.in) for movie, tv and sport related articles.

jyonar.com (jyonar.in) for children

8) suyoj.com (suyoj.in) for local as well as global b2b; with a nice group containing meet.trade, use.trade, law.trade and tariff.trade

9) ankda.com (ankda.in) for stock market with all.exchange

10) bhaav.com (bhaav.in) for commodity market with new.exchange

11) samagr.com for currency trading with any.exchange

12) arthik.com (arthik.in) for investments with catchy domain invest.insure

13) pavti.com (pavti.in) for online receipts and payments with way.money

14) akhya.com (akhya.in) for general classifieds with all.report

15) vishw.com (vishw.in) for Hindi news with first.report

indiayug.com (indiayug.in) for English news

16) nowmain.com (nowmain.in) for trending topics. nextmain.com and alwaysmain.com are also with this name to form a nice group.

17) ouruse.com (ouruse.in) for social networking through online accounts. bestamong.com and firstamong.com to support this great web name.

18) bhagy.com (bhagy.in) for matrimonial matters with wed.center

19) kshem.com (kshem.in) for real estate with realty.surf; also sajila.com for pgs, hostels etc

20) vibhag.com (vibhag.in) to find jobs with job.education; also padvi.com (padvi.in) for edu matters; apnayug.com (apnayug.in) for selfemployment.

21) labhya.com (labhya.in) for appointment booking.

22) prayojak.com (prayojak.in) for advertisement and sponsorship

23) durusti.com (durusti.in) for repairs and maintenance

24) lubha.com (lubha.in)  for songs

25) ubhar.com (ubhar.in) for videos

26) sukhant.com (sukhant.in) for movie and show tickets

27) nyayik.com (nyayik.in) for legal matters.

28) prapt.com (prapt.in) for courier services.

29) humanreligion.com is for religion. However, this site should remain completely in our control.

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