Lack of Enthusiasm for Raw Cashew

This entry was posted on Wednesday, April 10th, 2019 and is filed under Cashew.

Indian farmers are in a wait & watch mode as prices are unworkable to them. Most farmers have stopped the daily collection of fallen nuts. When they visit farms, they even cut tender nuts to avoid frequent visits. The result is lower filling out-turn. Processors are facing huge losses because of the kernel market and also due to the quality of the raw nut entering the market.

Whatever is the price, there are sellers in West Africa, especially in the below 27% cutting out-turn category.

Tanzanian situation is quite different. Expert traders are not the buyers, Government is the buyer and officials are the quality inspectors/supervisors.

Buyers’ worry is about the storage conditions. Nuts are stored in the military warehouses, not in the usual or recognized storage facilities.

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