Kernel Improves, Raw Cashew Buyers in Confusion

This entry was posted on Friday, November 1st, 2019 and is filed under Cashew.

The Current demand for the usual good quality W320 is around Rs720+GST/Kilo/Goa-Mangalore. Buyers are not asking the ‘Diwali like premium grading‘ but they are selecting tasty nuts. Big Jumbo half (W180 & W210 splits) is moving up to Rs725+GST/Kilo and usual Jumbo half has buyers around Rs700+GST/Kilo. Price for the superior Jumbo Piece is 680+GST/Kilo and for the LWP is Rs660+GST/Kilo.

Bidders were in a wait & watch mode during the Day 1 of the 2019 raw cashew auctions/Tanzania. Their fear is about the old nuts. Coming days may witness more and more buyers entering the bidding war without any dilemma.

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