Indian Raw Cashew Importers are Highly Satisfied with Beninese and Nigerian Imports

This entry was posted on Thursday, May 24th, 2012 and is filed under Cashew.

Indian raw cashew importers are highly satisfied with their Beninese and Nigerian imports. Prices are much cheaper this year and the landed quality is said to be better than last year. Despite having enough stocks for next 3-4 months, Indian small scale processors are rushing towards import re-sellers and there is now no demand for the Indian last crop.

Though there are still out-turn and grading related differences between the costly Indian and cheaper West African raw nuts, moisture percentage or driage is more in the Indian local nuts. Filling out-turn of the Indian last crop is only around 23%/Kerala and Karnataka.

So, this year’s quality difference may be around 10-12% but the price difference is above 25% as the import cost is only Rs56/kilo/Benin.

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