Farmers’ Resistance in India

This entry was posted on Tuesday, February 26th, 2019 and is filed under Cashew.

Farmers are not bringing cashew to the market in the most important states like Kerala, Goa and Karnataka. Retail price/kilo in Goa is above ₹130 (Removable moisture 3-4%), around
₹130 in Maharashtra (Removable moisture 3-4%), and upto ₹125 in Kerala (Removable Moisture 7%, Count 170/kilo)

South Indian ‘First- crop Harvest’ seems to be a big failure. According to some farmers, the industry is facing a problem called ‘self-destruction’. Only farmers resistance in the raw cashew can end this disaster.

What is Self-Destruction in the Cashew Industry?

Rumour mongers try to create panic in the cashew kernel market even before the FLOWERING STAGE of the West African, Indian and Vietnamese harvest. They write articles, send emails and attend summits to spread bearish rumors. Their main intention is to create panic in the raw cashew market. To succeed in their attempt, they also resort to ‘below cost kernel sales’.

“When everyone loses, they also become sufferers and their self-destruction continues for many months”.

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