Duty of ‘Bharat is to Enjoy Shining & Spread Shining’ (4)

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The Sanskrit word ‘Shri’ is a title of ‘value with respect’. ‘Shri’ is also called ‘Laxmi’ – the goddess of fortune.

Indian ‘MSME’, self employed & business people work hard; they work nearly 18 hours a day; they are like a ‘weekly holiday-less & daily rest-less’ working class. THEY ARE NOT JUST WEALTH CREATORS BUT ‘SHRI CREATORS’. They are the main donators for the local schools, colleges, sports, religious, artistic, cultural and developmental activities. When they become dull, the Shri, i.e value & respect of the entire nation diminishes. If they shine with the support of ‘ease of doing business’, SHRI OF BHARAT (BHAARAT) SHINES.

1) When the nation lost ‘Shri’, a British commercial entity called ‘East India Company’ came to rule the country.

2) When India lost the concept of ‘ease of doing business’, the economic system of 1970-1978 stopped new job creation and surrendered to corruption for survival. Gangsters and criminal organizations came forward as job creators. Smuggling became a route for the movement of gold, silver, platinum, show items, luxury items, electronics and electrical items etc. Smugglers like Dawood Ibrahim earned huge money & tried a parallel govt from a foreign country.

3) The period 1989-1991 was worst for the Indian business. When the rulers troubled the business people with unnecessary actions and raids, economy moved towards such a crisis, that even for a few litres of petrol there was a mile long que and days of waiting. Finally, the Reserve Bank of India had to airlift 47 tons of gold to the Bank of England and 20 tons of gold to the Union Bank of Switzerland to raise $600 million for the purpose of import payments! —- ‘THERE FORE, ANTI BUSINESS MEASURES ALWAYS BECOME ANTI SHRI OR ANTI NATIONAL IN INDIA’.