Duty of ‘Bharat is to Enjoy Shining & Spread Shining’ (3)

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According to Rigveda, Vishwamitra’s Brahma protects the people belonging to Bharata (Bhaarata)! Then who is Vishwamitra? Why even animals and trees want to go with him whenever he leaves or moves away from his abode.

“Universe is his friend and he is the friend of the Universe”. That’s why he is Vishwamitra. —– ‘Indian foreign policy is 100% Vishwamitra’.

Meaning of the word Bharata ( Bharata not Bhaarata, 1) Famous ancient king of the Moon dynasty, 2) Second son of King Dasharata of the Sun dynasty) is ‘to protect’ or ‘to take responsibility’. So, the nation ‘Bhaarata’ is not only dutybound to protect the life, health and assets of the human race but also all the ancient records & creations, all the animals & birds, all the agro varieties and flowers etc. According to some old novels, Indian people were rejecting tomatoes, cabbage etc in support to the Independence movement. But that was only temporary. Soon after the independence, people of Bharat (Bhaarat) wholeheartedly supported all the foreign fruits, flowers, plants and vegetables.

However, India has to protect both foreign as well as domestic investments. When the govt gives guarantee to the foreign investors, the same facility and guarantee becomes the right of it’s own people. OTHERWISE IT BECOMES ‘ANTI-SHRI’ TO THE DOMESTIC INVESTORS, THEIR WORKERS, CREDITORS – ‘THEN TO THE WHOLE NATION’. If the govt troubles them through the ‘licence Raj’, raids, assessments or notices calling unnecessary documents etc, only corruption will grow but ‘SHRI’ will disappear from the country!