Duty of ‘Bharat is to Enjoy Shining & Spread Shining’ (10)

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Nearly 100% of the Indian Population is Farming Community as Farmers of India consider their Nearest and Dearest as their own family!

—– All the members of the farmer family cannot survive on farming as 86% are said to be under small-scale. One may select a job for career, another might become a service provider. One or two may continue their father’s occupation but one or two might be in the trading activity. So it hurts the very farmer when his sister loses her job, it hurts the very farmer when his brother becomes bankrupt in the business, it hurts the very farmer when his service providing uncle/aunt/friend suddenly lose their livelihood. How can a poor farmer take responsibility of all such dependents? But when the commercial activity falls or stops, other members of the family will certainly return home or ask money/more money for their survival.

—— They also give their share when the farmer prepares his son/daughters wedding and all such family celebrations. They also wholeheartedly support him whenever he needs their help. Therefore, even if 42% of the Indian population is said to be working under farm jobs, farmers’ community includes almost all who reside both within India and abroad.

Farmer needs more governance but less Government. But the APMC and Land conversion Acts remove his ‘freedom to sell.’.

Farmer needs support from his own state. But the APMC Act supports other states and foreign countries with levy, licence, permits, assessments etc on the people who reside within the boundary of the state.

‘Grama Swaraj’ is nothing but ‘Kisan Swaraj’. So Grama Panchayat licence should continue instead of the APMC licence. Both agriculture and market are in the State List as well as in the Panchayat List of the Indian Constitution. A body corporate should not override on the constitutional list of the Panchayats. Two local body license system is also meaningless.

Without fixing a service-wise unit value how the percentage-wise levy becomes a service charge? Electricity, telephone and water service providers always give a bill describing the unit value and the consumed units.

Then why protest against ‘Kisan Swaraj’? Why agitations to bring back the APMC or Land Conversion Acts?

However, there should be a support price scheme and a balanced scheme to end unnecessary import of farm products’