Crop Report (May 2012)

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Asian (Indian and Vietnamese) raw cashew market is facing strong resistance by farmers against this year’s unworkable prices. In India, small-scale rural stockists are successful in spreading an uproar about crop failure as South Indian local markets are flooded with rain damaged nuts. Most probably, Indian harvest is bumper in terms of yield per¬†hectare¬†but the increase may be only marginal in terms of total crop size. This is mainly because of the reduced area under cultivation, especially in the economically developed western parts.

Whatever may be the situation, current raw cashew shortage is due to early arrival of the Indian new crop. Instead of building more stock during this year’s long and slow season, Indian processors used all the domestic procurement for their daily production. So the kernel market is positively responding to any negative reviews about Ivorian and Beninese crop size or about the Guinea-Bissau unrest.

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