Crop Report (March 2012)

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There are many conflicting reports about the remaining raw cashew stocks of Tanzania. Tanzanian authorities should consider these important factors – 1) In the year 2011, global cashew crop suffered heavy damages in quality and even Tanzanian crop is not much superior in kernel size or in terms of wholes out-turn. 2) Long term storage always needs high quality secure warehouses. 3) Ivorian raw cashew quality was said to be slightly better than normal, compared with its past 2-3 years but the farmers failed in retaining the quality during their internal war due to lack of proper preservation facilities. 4) ‘Tasteless inferior kernel’ is one of the main reasons behind this consumption slowdown.

In India, raw cashew market is coming down on account of fiscal year-end problems and rising new crop arrivals. In this month, Indian farmers may harvest nearly one lakh Tons and Kerala may complete 40% of its annual harvest. Vietnam may surpass last year’s volume this year and their prediction for the entire season is -‘380000 Tons’. But the climatic conditions may take some sudden changes in Wast African countries. Current weather may be favorable for cashew crop but rapid and unexpected changes can not be ruled out.

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