Crop Report (June 2012)

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At present, there is no raw cashew shortage in India or Vietnam. Vietnamese purchase volume in West Africa is down by 40-50% but the Brazilian presence in Ivory Coast is said to be stronger than last year. This year’s, early but slow and prolonged Asian harvest is much better in terms of yield per hectare but the total crop size may register only a marginal increase on account of the reduced area under cashew. Indonesian crop may arrive from August-September and nearly two lakh Tons from Guinea-Bissau will definitely enter the world market, mainly through the proper official planning or through the smuggling route. Then the Brazilian cashew season will start from September end, Tanzanian harvest from October and the Mozambique’s next season from November-December. Even then, this year may not see a raw cashew glut because of the large-scale crop failure in Ivory Coast.

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