Cost of Production (March 2011-Revised)

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When we were writing our article “cost of production (March 2011)”, Kerala raw cashew forward prices  were around Rs81/kilo, even though the spot prices were above this level. But right now there is no difference between spot and forward contracts. There is also unbelievable rise in global raw cashew prices. Vietnamese processors are now giving $1.80/kilo/domestic raw cashew, where as the Indian processors are giving nearly $2.00/kilo/domestic raw cashew. So, we have to revise this article in conformity with  latest market conditions. Our revised cost estimation for Indian cashew kernel W320/pound during March is around $4.65-$4.85 in accordance with factory wise and area wise grading variations. Raw material, wages and other expenses are low in Vietnam but their problem is high interest rates.

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