Clear View is Necessary on Special Additional Duty

This entry was posted on Tuesday, March 1st, 2016 and is filed under Budget 2016, Cashew, Cashew Market, Cashew News.

Raw cashew import in India now attracts 5% Basic Duty + 4% Special Additional Duty + cess

But among these charges 4% SAD is refundable subject to some conditions.

Most probably, refund is easy if it is deducted from the monthly VAT or CST bill when the imported raw cashew is resold as it is. If a state has no VAT or no CST on raw cashew, then the refund is not possible.

– All these things are not as easy as anybody thinks.

Cashew nut in shell and cashew kernel are not one and same in the Indian customs duty structure. If the importer processes the imported raw cashew and then makes a domestic sale of cashew kernel under VAT or CST, refund may not be available.

Refund of SAD is only available when the imported goods is resold under VAT or CST bill, but not available if the industry uses it in their process. SAD is like a substitute for VAT & CST

International sales are outside the purview of VAT or CST. So there is no possibility of refund even under export category (unless a specified way).

Concerned Govt officials should give their opinion on all these issues.

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