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If the nation wants to achieve double digit GDP growth, the commercial sector of the country needs more incentives and capital. Any kind of tax increase on the internal production, distribution or services will reduce the internal capital of the business community when their target should be to catch up with the inflation. When the […]

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Strong Currency Attracts Global Attention and Investment

During the time of steep Rupee depreciation and interest rate hike in India, we wrote many small articles¬†criticizing these moves.¬†Certainly these steps have helped contain the rising inflation – but at what cost? Advanced globalization or new economy does not recognize these steps as did the old. Interest rate hike reduces the money supply and […]

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Artificial Recession : IS IT A BENEFIT ?

If two or three European small nations face financial crisis, why should the world think that it is a recession. There are dozens of Asian and African nations who are in a queue to enter the developed economy list on which they have legitimate rights. But the strange thing is that most countries are happily […]

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