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Demand Favors Indian Cashew

This year, the price gap between “Make in India” origin and other origins may widen. Vietnamese farmers were not prepared for the rain damaged last crop harvest and the industry was also slow in the import of West African first and mid-crop harvest. Although Indian procurement is still not adequate for the great Diwali demand, […]

No Comments Suggestion for July-August 2018 (3)

“When buyers are in no hurry, sellers can not command the market. When buyers have no space in their warehouses, unwanted supply is even more dangerous”. Therefore, things will get better if the cashew industry stops or substantially reduces production till the 3rd week of July. There is demand for July-end delivery contracts. But the […]

No Comments Suggestion for July-August 2018 (2)

It is better to temporarily shut down the industry, instead of selling finished goods below the cost or buying raw material above the cost of production. If the available raw cashew is of poor quality, then the only viable alternative is to increase the kernel market above the no loss level. This is our simple […]

No Comments Suggestion for July-August 2018 (1)

North Indian buyers are showing more interest in the July-August supply contracts in W320 but they are now asking for immediate delivery of W240 & Higher Grades. Despite rainy season, firm trend continues in pieces. Vietnam is facing severe shortage of raw cashew on account of over-investment. Brazilian enterprises are struggling with the Forex market. Indian […]

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Steady Demand in Broken Grades

This week, North Indian buying interest in the wholes category is for forward contracts, especially for July-end or August contracts. However, premium Jumbo half is moving around ₹810+GST/kilo & premium Jumbo pieces around ₹750+GST/kilo in Goa-Mangalore. Wedding season will re-start after 14th July. Small-scale processors have no raw material stocks for Diwali but still not […]

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Ramadan Consumption Lifts Wholes Market

Demand for W320 is around ₹810+GST/kilo  & for W240 around₹860+GST/kilo in Goa-Mangalore. International prices are also increasing due to heavy consumption.  Supply shortage and sellers resistance are the factors behind the sudden bullish rush.

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Indian Consumption in Full Swing but Prices Steady

North Indian wholesalers may increase kernel prices during the peak Ramadan consumption period. At present, they are following the export market even there is a supply shortage in W320, W240, W400 and broken grades. According to some trade sources, Vietnamese enterprises are responsible for the steady trend in the Kernel market. — Vietnamese industry will process […]

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Crisis in Raw Cashew Market

Raw cashew prices are falling in India and Vietnam. Cash crunch, unworkable situation and decreasing quality are the reasons for the collapse. The price of white raw cashew is ₹135/kilo but the color-dim quality 1s available around ₹125/kilo in India. Price of slight rain damaged quality is around ₹90/kilo in Vietnam but there is no bulk availability. Highly rain damaged nuts […]

No Comments Crop Report for May-June 2018

Vietnam’s last crop harvest seems to be totally rain damaged. Filling out-turn may be negligible in the region where the price is only ₹40/kilo. Enterprises may face problems in their June-July export obligations. Indian harvest may continue till the rainy season but the total loss may be 30-40% in the crop size and another 3-4% […]

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Demand Reemerges in All Grades

Price of premium Jumbo Half in India is now around ₹8000+GST/10 kilo/Goa-Mangalore. W320 is selling around ₹780+GST/10 kilo and W240 around ₹8200+GST/same quantity. South Indian April festivals, wedding season, ice cream season and fall in workers attendance are the factors behind the sudden boom. Panic in the global market also seems to be over despite the rupee is […]

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Raw Cashew Global Market will Collapse If Vietnam Rejects Hoarders who Create Artificial Scarcity

Retail price of rain damaged raw cashew is around ₹90 in Vietnam whereas the nut which loses 10% in weight when focused to 3 days sunshine is trading above ₹130 in Kerala.  Strategy of the Vietnamese industry is to increase global consumption. This year, they may stop purchases from big holders especially from speculators who rule the African […]

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Raw Cashew Bearish but Still Unworkable

Raw cashew price in Kerala is now around ₹140+GST/KILO. Even then the industry needs $5.5/Pound/W320 as a reasonable price.  A market correction is possible only through a middle way. Further 10% decrease in the raw cashew along with a 10% increase in the kernel value may bring a market correction.

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Why Raw Cashew Becomes Rain Damaged in Kerala ?

Nowadays, just one or two showers are enough to spoil the raw cashew in the Kerala state of India. Nuts from Kerala need 3 days of proper sunshine to remove the extra water content. 100 kilo becomes 90 kilo when it becomes full dry.  Filling out-turn also falls below 24%. But in Andhra, Orissa, Maharashtra, […]

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Raw Cashew Price, Abnormal Moisture and Unsold Stocks are the Market Worries

The per kilo price of undried raw cashew in Kerala is ₹145 + GST whereas Vietnamese farmers are happy with the retail price of ₹115/kilo. Raw cashew moisture percentage is now nearly 10% in Kerala which is another big problem of the local industry. But the carry forward unsold kernel stocks from March-end to the new financial […]

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Domestic Raw Cashew Price is the Main Advantage to Vietnam

Raw cashew price in Vietnam is around ₹110-115/kilo for the undried and ₹125-130 for the dry 25% filling out-turn plantation nuts. This is the big difference between India and Vietnam. Wages difference is now only 10%.  There is a slight rise in the F.O.B Kernel market but the big increase is possible only after Vietnamese processors exhaust […]

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Depression brings Rain in the Indian Cashew Belt

This week witnessed heavy to very heavy thunderstorms in the southern and south-western cashew belt of India. This kind of rain with strong wind will certainly benefit the next flowering despite there is no immediate impact in the daily arrivals. The industry should be ready with adequate funds for the procurement of massive second crop […]

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