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Depression brings Rain in the Indian Cashew Belt

This week witnessed heavy to very heavy thunderstorms in the southern and south-western cashew belt of India. This kind of rain with strong wind will certainly benefit the next flowering despite there is no immediate impact in the daily arrivals. The industry should be ready with adequate funds for the procurement of massive second crop […]

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No Speed in the Indian New Crop Arrivals

Buying interest in the Indian domestic kernel market is only for the April onward contracts. But West African raw cashew trade is flourishing with Indian buyers. Ivorian raw cashew is moving around $1950/Ton/180 counts per kilo/April shipments/West Coast. Demand for the Benin origin is still above $2100/Ton/170 counts per kilo. Only agro scientists can explain […]

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What Happens to the Cashew Sector If Vietnam Strictly Enforces Import Quota?

At present, Vietnamese initiative to control the import price of global raw cashew has no takers in India. According to some trade sources, the first goal of a cashew factory is to reach a safe stock level. India needs huge imports at this stage as the summer holiday season is fast approaching. Ramadan month will […]

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Govt of Vietnam May Control Raw Cashew Import Price

Temporarily, Vietnamese enterprises can make import contracts only if the price is below $1800/Ton. This enforcement will remain for 15 days. Another official announcement may come after the said 15 days period. At present, Indian first crop harvest is facing very slow arrivals. So dependence is more on immediate shipments. If world’s largest importer fixes maximum […]

No Comments Crop Report for March-April 2018 (3)

Harvest 2018 is available for importers in Nigeria and Benin. Traders are getting better than expected returns because of the early arrival of the cashew season. But current weather conditions are not highly favorable for the next crop. Even then the harvest may show some improvements, considering this year’s first crop. Ivory Coast expects only […]

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World Crop Report for March-April 2018 (2)

Both India and Vietnam faced cloudy weather during the initial flowering period. But weather favored Vietnam with some heavy showers in the entire cashew belt. Heavy rain provides the necessary water to the tree and destroys the bacterias, which grow in strength when the climate becomes cloudy. Indian cashew area received only light drizzles which helped […]

No Comments Crop Report for March-April 2018 (1)

Indian cashew growers are disappointed by the delay in the first crop harvest. Trees look charmless with mostly damaged flowers and negligible tender nuts. But whenever the first crop fails, the second crop of April becomes bumper or there comes a rain-damaged  3rd crop harvest in May. Even then, this year’s crop size may not […]

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CNSL and Shells in the Limelight, Pieces Steady, Wholes Weak

Strong demand is emerging in the Cashew Nut Shell Liquid as prices of both edible and non-edible oil are now out of reach of the Indian small scale paint and allied industry. Shell cake is also increasing in accordance with the domestic fuel & fire wood price rise. Splits and pieces market is witnessing a […]

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Cashew is Suffering from Over Investment

Government of India fully supported the cashew industry by fixing only 5% GST. There is no interstate tax in the GST regime nor VAT like separate state level additions. Interest rate has also comedown. Even then, the industry is collapsing on account of over investment. Available raw material fulfills only 50% of the installed capacity […]

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Strong Uppish Trend in Kernel

Trading activity is increasing in the Indian cashew kernel as 47 days of a shut-down period in the Hindu wedding season will end today. February and March are usually not good months for cashew kernel but the recommence of the auspicious season is after a long wait. Consumption will increase during the Karnataka state elections. […]

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50% Reduction in Import Duty

Custom Duty on raw cashew nut imports in India will come down to 2.5% from existing 5%. However, this proposal may not impact much as import from ‘Most Favored Nations’ is out side the purview of the import duty. Euro is on rise but weakening Dollar is the real worry of the market as kernel […]

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Wholes Inactive in Retail Level

Exporters buying rate for W320 is only ₹710+GST/kilo/without packing/Goa-Mangalore. Local suppliers are purchasing around ₹760+GST/kilo/with tin packing/Above 30 days for payment.  Retailers are facing selling problems in the wholes category but the demand from stockists is on increase in the splits and pieces category.        

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Price Difference Between Indian & Global Market Narrows for Broken Grades

Chinese and Middle-East buyers are competing for the Vietnamese and African broken grade kernels. Vietnam’s domestic consumption is also on increase. Difference between the Indian and the international price is now surprisingly same for each broken grade, considering all the export benefits.  Very small quantity of premium W320 is trading around ₹800+GST/kilo in Goa-Mangalore. Buyers are […]

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Rumour Driven Rally in Raw Cashew but Cautious Trend in Kernel

Resellers of imported raw cashew are trying to sell the Tanzanian 51 LBs/80kilo/raw cashew around Rs165/kilo as ‘profit booking through the inventory sale’ has become the strategy of the market. The price increase is said to be more than 8% in just 10 days. Indian calendars prohibit auspicious celebrations till Feb 4, 2018 and thereafter comes […]

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Indian Exporters should Learn to Live Without Exports

Indian domestic price for W320 is ₹8100 – ₹8200/10 kg/ including GST/Goa-Mangalore but exporters get only ₹7600/including tax, interest and other benefits for the same quantity. Small-scale processors have enough local buyers but Large-scale is still depending on the global demand in the white wholes category. In the pieces group, Indians get 15 – 20 percent more when […]

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Sellers’ Resistance Increases Kernel Market

W320 is moving around ₹8000/10 kilo tin/Including GST/Goa-Mangalore. Price of Tanzanian raw cashew has come down to $2200 Ton/50 Lbs out-tern per 80 kg/175 counts per kilo/Indian West Coast. Indian domestic consumption is on increase but production has come down in Kerala, Andhra and Orissa.  

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