Cashew consumption is 320000/Tons in India?

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If the yearly crop size of cashew is 800000 tons in India, the average of 24% equals 192000 tons on the kernel basis. (Filling outturn is nearly 25% in Goa-Maharashtra but the national average is around 24%)

If the import is 900000 tons a year, the kernel out turn from this much quantity should be not less than 202500 tons. (Filling out turn is nearly 25% in the Indonesian nuts, above 24% in the Tanzanian nuts, may be 24% in the Guinea Bissau nuts but the average of all imports is 22.5%)

Total kernel production: 192000+202500= 394500. (Official estimation is 350000 tons. But our calculation gives a figure of 394500 tons )

If India exports 84500 tons and imports 10000 tons, 394500-84500+10000 = 320000 tons, i.e Indian consumption! However, the official estimation comes nowhere near this figure. ‘If the Indian crop size is truly 800000 plus tons, the accuracy of our calculation is 95 to 100 percent correct’.

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