‘April Dance’ in Indian Raw Cashew Market, ‘Panic’ is the Director.

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Kerala raw cashew is now slightly rain damaged. Buyers are complaining about three percent more driage, three percent less out-turn and 2-3% grading losses. So the total amount of deference is above 8%. But the Indian raw cashew prices are moving ahead and ahead on buyers psychology and innumerable rural stockists’ strength.

According to some trade experts – ” This is ‘April Dance’, Panic is the director of this dance.”

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Missed Opportunity, Old Mentality and ‘April Dance’

It is pretty strange to see kernel sellers not to take the opportunity of price renegotiation, when the chances came in their way, especially in higher grades. A few exporters, with the same old mentality, are said to be still in a dilemma over any big improvements during their new-crop procurement season. As usual, bearish speculators are also trying their best to bring down the kernel market, to avoid any kind of increase in raw cashew prices. Every year the rumor creators  spread bearish rumors in the cashew flowering season but the story takes a different turn when the crop actually arrives. In India, the innumerable petty stockists strength is  good enough to overpower all such bearish rumor origins. Individually they may be very small buyers but their combined buying power may be around Rs400-500 crores.

The Government of Kerala always thinks about cashew workers and farmers and they will also fix reasonable prices. Thereafter everybody including the rumor kings will be compelled to follow the set market. The usual turn table movement is famously called ‘April Dance’. Last year it was in ‘March’ but this year, we may see it in ‘April’.

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