Alternative to Import Duty (3)

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Fixing a price limit on reckless imports requires strict quality control. In the export contracts, the final out-turn or the filling out turn should be above 21.5%. ( If possible it is better to assess the cutting out-turn during the customs clearance and it should not be below 27.5%). Find our price limits below –

Filling Out-turn             Maximum Price Limit per tonne

21.5% – 22.5 %                          $1100

22.5% – 23.5%                           $1200

23.5% & above                          $1300

Raw cashew from Tanzania, Indonesia, Cambodia and Guinea Bissau are said to be better in terms of out-turn. Beninese nuts are better in terms of size and shape. So addition of $100 should be permitted for imports from such countries.

There are now more than 25 countries in the raw cashew export field. Cashew Export Promotion Council of India should make a research on the quality of imports from all these countries.

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