🙏🏻A Sweet Called Kaju Katli is Emerging as Diwali Sweet🏆

This entry was posted on Friday, August 31st, 2018 and is filed under Cashew, Cashew Market, Cashew News, Cashew Prices.

Indians eat variety of sweets. Nowadays, there is a significant shift from traditional items to modern diversification. Kaju Katli, also called as Kaju Barfi has become the No.1 sweet in India.

Dry Fruits’ pack containing cashew is the most preferred gift pack during the Diwali festivals. Among sweet boxes, Kaju Katli is the King.

Food manufacturers use 60-75 percent broken grades to prepare this food. Nobody knows the exact quantity, used in the preparation of  Kaju Katli and other Sweets in the Diwali season.


Filed Under: Cashew, Cashew Market, Cashew News, Cashew Prices